Linic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Greenville SC


James Linic

James Linic

James started training in 1999 in Upstate New York. In 2008 he opened his own gym in Greenville SC and finally in 2011 Helio "Soneca" Moreira awarded him his black belt in BJJ.

James Black Belt

Quentin Grant

Quentin Grant

Quentin started training with James in 2000 and trained with him until 2001. He started training again in 2008. He received his brown belt from James and Soneca in May of 2012 and received his black belt from Soneca in December of 2014.

Quentins Black Belt

Stephen DeCasas

Stephen DeCasas

Steve Started training in California in 1997 and trained through 2000 before taking a break from training until 2007 when he met James at a seminar. He received his purple and brown belts from James since starting back in 2007.

Stephens Black Belt


Our classes consist of warm ups and drills to begin followed by a review of the covered technique and training or live drills.


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  • $25 - Class
  • $150 Monthly (Month-to-Month)
  • $140 Monthly w/ 7 Month Commitment
  • $125 Monthly w/ 12 Month Commitment

All levels are welcome here at Linic BJJ. No matter where you're starting with us, we'll accelerate your training and help you get better faster.

bjj belt acceleration



Helio Soneca BJJ Logo

Helio Soneca BJJ

Linic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an association of Helio Soneca BJJ. Soneca is a world champion 5th Dan Black Belt who has trained and competed all over the world. He does seminars all over the world, including here at Linic BJJ a few times a year.

Brits Bros Logo

Brits Brothers Gym

Olly Pierce has owned and operated Brits Brothers Gym (Personal Training) for 15 years. He won best in the Upstate for Personal Training for 9 years in a row . They have an excellent staff that meets the individual needs for all.

Brits Brothers is collocated with Linic BJJ